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 Jack J. Laurie, Hypnotist  732-329-8570

 Working as a stage hypnosis performed since 1988 jack Laurie has performed all around the world. For two years He was the only stage hypnotist working for Carnival Cruise Lines. Working a fleet of over a dozen ships jack Laurie brought the magic of stage hypnosis to thousand of cruisers and their families. Jack Laurie also performs at numerous comedy clubs, colleges, high schools, fund raisers and corporate events. Jack Laurie is also has an on going clinical practice in the State of New Jersey where he deals primarily with patients suffering from cancer and other maladies such as phobias, stop smoking, stress, and CF. While stage hypnosis remains his all time favorite fun pass time one would be remiss in not mentioning as a published author he also speaks to families, support groups, as well as business and healthcare officials about the tragedy and stress of lousing a loved one. Top

 Jack J. Laurie, author Cancer: An Ocean of Tears 732-329-8570

 This book is not a medical How To book. Rather, Cancer : An Ocean Of Tears, is the journey of one father and his son and how they deal with the diagnosis of cancer. Joshua's father makes his son three promises that he is duty bound to keep. This is a book about those three promises and beyond. This is a book on how to live life, not surrender it. Joshua's story will make you laugh and cry, but more importantly his story will show that each person we meet makes a difference. It is a book that shares the fantastic journey of a 13-year-old boy named Joshua, and his father's efforts to make every minute count while he was still living. This book assists those of us having to deal with childhood leukemia, in particular but not limited to acute lymphocytic leukemia. Many books deal with child leukemia symptom (s), but forget that there is a little child inside that needs just as much care in other areas of maturing and development.

Author: Jack J. Laurie, business owner, professional speaker, entertainer, and holder of tree undergraduate degrees, two graduate degrees, Ranger qualified former Green Beret holds all this secondary to his greatest accomplishment of all; making sure his son had fun. Top

 Jack J. Laurie, Consolidated Radon; Professional Speaker 732-329-8570

 Consolidated Radon Testing and Correction, South Brunswick, New Jersey. Fourteen years (14) as the owner of one of the largest radon testing labs and radon mitigation businesses in the State of New Jersey. Jack Laurie has installed hundreds of radon reducing systems without one system failure. When folks want to know about NJ radon testing Jack Laurie is one of the first people called. When asked who was the Radon NJ expert many folks, including many lawyers, say hand down their number one source for radon measurement info is Jack Laurie. Responsible for the teaching, course development and logistics of six certified N.J.D.E.P continuing education courses for radon professionals. When the subject Radon New Jersey , particular training again the name Jack Laurie comes to mind. Since jack Laurie is certified by the N.J.D.E.P to teaching six (6) training courses for radon professionals in areas such as Jersey measurement new radon, mitigation NJ radon, radon testing New Jersey - Daycares, schools, and private home course comes up, and speed and professionalism are needed everyone knows you can call on Consolidated Radon Testing & Correction. Top

 Jack Laurie, Professional Speaker 732-329-8570

 Many folks believe that Jack Laurie is limited to addressing church groups and those in the healthcare industry. In truth Jack Laurie addresses many different types of groups. Holding numerous degrees in business both at the undergraduate and graduate level, and having taught at local colleges over the years Jack Laurie brings to an organization a lively, yet informative presentation. Jack Laurie's new project set for publication in early 2005 deals with employee retaliation against management and business owners. Every year business owners louse thousands of dollars to employees who feel justified in taking from the employers, Jack Laurie offers a unique approach to this money lousing problem, while at the same time offering tips in other areas of business management that have increased manpower output and productivity. Top

 www.JackLaurie.com  www.canceranoceanoftears.com  www.consolidatedradon.com

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